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Nevada Dentistry and Braces is proud to be one of the few dental practices in Las Vegas, NV that has specialists who practice holistic dentistry. What is holistic dentistry? Holistic dentistry is a relatively new form of dentistry that takes an alternative approach. The prime belief is that your oral health is connected inexorably to your overall health.

This style of dentistry focuses on using non-toxic materials for restorative and preventative procedures. These materials are biocompatible and promote an optimal health for the jaw, the head, the teeth, the neck, and all of the structural aspects therein.

For the most part, specialists who practice holistic dentistry also practice with those who specialize in general dentistry as well. This style of complimentary care is utilized because, as a general rule, no one style of dentistry can do it all.

If you want to really understand holistic dentistry, it’s important that you understand that the word stems from “whole.” This explains why holistic specialists consider the relationship that oral health has with the whole body. This is why it’s important that our holistic general dentist only performs procedures that are good for the body as well as the dental area.

Why Perform Holistic Dentistry?

So, why bother? A large reason that most specialists practice holistic dentistry is because the mouth really does greatly affect the health of the body. If you have a cavity, it can cause health problems that radiate out into the body at large.

Additionally, some of the traditional materials that have been used for decades in dentistry are actually toxins. Typically, this refers to the usage of mercury amalgam fillings, which have been found to be safe by the ADA because the mercury is stabilized and present only in trace amounts. The chief issue with this is the fact that mercury is toxic to humans, and additionally, mercury fillings can actually cause a weakening pressure on the tooth itself.

Additionally, many holistic dentists eschew the administration of root canals due to the fact that many use formaldehyde, which is also toxic.

Holistic vs. Green Dentistry

While many people consider the two to be interconnected, holistic dentistry and green dentistry are intrinsically different. While green dentistry is designed to reduce the environmental impact of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, it isn’t 100 percent designed to help patients have a whole body level of health. On the other hand, green dentistry is great because it aids the planet, whereas holistic dentistry helps reduce toxins and aids the patient’s entire body.

Not Every Dentist Is Actually Holistic

Increasingly, many dentists call themselves holistic because they have ceased the usage of mercury and silver fillings. This is not always the case. Our office specialists have been trained in the proper handling of these heavy metals. Additionally, our holistic dentistry specialists in our Las Vegas, NV office use methods that:

  • Do not use amalgam fillings
  • Do not use mercury fillings
  • Practice proper mercury removal
  • Take into consideration the toxicity of heavy metals
  • Utilize nutritional and preventative therapies
  • Treat and diagnose restricted breathing issues
  • If you are interested in receiving holistic-friendly dentistry, give our office a call.