Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Las Vegas

At Nevada Dentistry & Braces, we offer sedation dentistry in Las Vegas. Whether you are having a routine exam performed or are coming in for a more extensive procedure, your comfort is our priority.

You’re Not Alone

Many people have anxiety when they visit dental offices. As a matter of fact, nervousness associated with going to the dentist is often the reason many Americans neglect their dental visits all together.

We want you to be as at ease as possible when you visit our practice. With this in mind, we offer comfort solutions that can help remove some of the anxiety associated with your dental visit.

If you find that you are nervous about visiting your dentist in Las Vegas, or you have multiple procedures being performed in a single visit, then perhaps our sedation dentistry services can help you experience some relief.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

There are several anxiety producing procedures that are done in our practice including: dental implants, extractions, bone grafting, standard veneer preparation, periodontal procedures, and crowns. Sedation dentistry uses a safe method of anesthesia to cause you to sleep through your entire procedure.

Enteral Sedation 

You can take this type of sedation in a liquid capsule form. Like a local anesthetic, enteral sedation may be used with nitrous oxide to completely relax you. In this situation, the patient is still awake, but nervousness should be alleviated.

Laughing Gas

Most dentists use laughing gas. It is the most common form of dentistry sedation. Laughing gas uses nitrous oxide, which works as an analgesia. It is even used to alleviate pain for mothers while giving birth. While nitrous oxide does alleviate pain, it does not put you to sleep. Laughing gas is very effective and safe. With local injections of anesthesia, pain is completely eliminated and patients feel nothing. Gas can also be administered by a machine if the injection is uncomfortable.

IV Sedation

In most hospitals, you find IV sedation. This is when a sedative is delivered through an intravenous vein that has been injected by a technician. These are very strong anesthesia, but only in terms of a deep sedation. In some cases, you may also still be away. There is usually some time after the procedure that you need to recover.

General Anesthesia

This type of dentistry sedation is used in sleep dentistry in Las Vegas, NV. General anesthesia uses drugs that are injected into the body. These are typically used with another anesthetic like laughing gas. Recovery time is necessary after receiving a general anesthetic.

Training & Licensure 

Doctors and dentists must be qualified to work with anesthetics. You have to also be licensed to administer certain drugs, such as nitrous oxide. Nearly all dentists have a sedation license as they are most often the ones to sedate the patient for the procedure. If you are going to get sleep dentistry in Las Vegas, then you will want to know the licensure of your dentist.

What To Expect

At Nevada Dentistry & Braces, we precisely measure and control the needed amount of calming medication you need to help you sleep through your procedure. The medicine is then administered through an IV. You can expect to sleep restfully throughout the duration of your procedure.

When it’s time to wake up, the IV drip is ended and you wake up relatively quickly. In order to ensure your safety, during the awakening phase, we also administer reversing agents in combination with our main medications.

If an IV drip isn’t your thing, we can offer oral medicine as well. In fact, our practice specializes in sedation dentistry and is a leader in this field in Las Vegas, NV.

When Numbing Agents Aren’t Enough

In addition to providing a safe way to cut down on nervousness, we find that a growing percentage of our patients are unable to be numbed by traditional anesthesia. If you find that you are one of these people, comfort dentistry services may be perfect for you. On average, the average sedation appointment takes a little more than two hours, but there are some procedures that can last longer.

Your Las Vegas Sedation Dentist

If you find that you experience a lot of anxiety when you make dental appointments, come in for a consult, and we’ll tell you about our sedation dentistry options. Call Nevada Dentistry & Braces in Las Vegas to schedule more comfortable dental appointment today.

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