Dental Restoration

Dental Restoration

When you’re ready for a healthier, more attractive smile, trust Nevada Dentistry & Braces with dental restoration in Las Vegas. Let’s face it, sometimes injury, neglect, and the effects of aging can cause problems with our dental profiles. Do you want to turn the clock back so that your teeth have that movie star level of straightness and symmetry? In a town like Las Vegas, NV, we have many residents who really want to have their most attractive smiles but need some restoration dentistry in order to get to that point.

Full mouth reconstruction can help you achieve natural looking teeth that will make them feel young again.

What Makes Our Full Mouth Reconstruction Process so Effective?

At our practice, we employ general dentists, cosmetic dentistry specialists, some of the best orthodontics specialists in Nevada, and some very skilled periodontal dentists as well. As a result, we have a team in-office who can help restore the beauty and symmetry of your best smile.

For full mouth reconstruction, many times we use dentures to help replace missing teeth. However, if these teeth are missing due to advanced periodontitis, then we use specialists who can help make your gums and teeth better before moving to the reconstructive stage. It’s the fact that we have some of the best dentists in Las Vegas that you receive a comprehensive treatment.

Our Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

At Nevada Dentistry and Braces, we aim to provide a system of restoration that can effectively reverse years of tooth aging and neglect. Our dedicated general dentistry specialists will first sit down with you for a consultation that will ensure that you fully understand how our reconstruction process can be applied to your teeth.

Afterward, we’ll develop a custom approach that uses the best orthodontics processes available. This part of the process is tailored for your particular smile and should take less than a single visit.
One of the key techniques that we utilize for the restoration of your best smile is dentures. There are several types of denture systems that we can make available to you. These include:

  • Partial Dentures – This is a great way to restore the shape and completeness of your smile. Partial dentures are an appliance type that we use to resolve gaps in our patient’s teeth. This is a great solution to use when only some of the teeth are missing.
  • Overdentures – Sometimes, you’ll have enough remaining teeth to support overdentures. These are a great full-mouth reconstruction process that will quickly restore your youthful smile.
  • Complete Dentures – This option is for patients who have lost all or nearly all of their upper or lower teeth. These denture options fit neatly over your missing teeth and provide you with a fully restored, winning smile.
  • Immediate Dentures – These are dentures that can be used after tooth extraction and serves as a temporary solution until more tailored dentures can be provided. These are perfect for the period after tooth extraction where your bones and gums need to heal.

How to Tell If You Need Full Mouth Reconstruction

Typically, there are several signs and indicators that you may require a full-mouth reconstruction. Typically, the one that is the biggest indicator is when you have reduced confidence in your smile. It can be hard to find a dentist who understands this, but at Nevada Dentistry and Braces we understand and want to help restore your smile. Here is how you can tell if you need this type of treatment:

  • You frequently experience severe tooth pain that radiates from deep inside your teeth. This is a key indicator that the decay has reached the inside of your tooth’s pulp. Sometimes this can be resolved with a root canal.
  • You have consistently tender, swollen, or bleeding gums. This is a sign of advanced periodontitis. Other indicators of this will be loose teeth or consistent pain in the gum tissues.
  • You have difficulty chewing some types of foods.
  • You have lost teeth in the past and your surrounding teeth are shifting.

At Nevada Dentistry and Braces, We Care About Your Smile

Full mouth reconstruction is one of the areas of dentistry that our orthodontists and general dentists take a lot of pride in. We want to restore your teeth, bite, and muscles to their youthful states. If you no longer have a complete smile due to injury, aging, fracturing, or decay, then come in and talk to our cosmetic dentistry specialists. They’ll walk you through your best options and help you have more confidence in your smile.

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