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Find out if clear braces will work for you with orthodontic treatment from Nevada Dentistry & Braces in Las Vegas. Traditional braces have always received a bad rap. They are an effective way to straighten your teeth, but they are not very easy to hide. Clear braces can give children and adults alike a way to perfect their smile without having noticeable braces in their mouths.

What are Clear Braces?

Clear braces are also known as ceramic braces, and though they are not 100 percent clear, they are much less visible on your teeth. These types of braces are very similar to traditional braces because they attach to the front of your teeth, and the brackets are connected with a metal archwire. The wire is not the most noticeable aspect of the braces, but if you prefer something that is a little more subtle, more aesthetically pleasing options do exist. The option that many of the patients at our Las Vegas, NV location is the frosted archwire, which looks a bit less metallic in your mouth.

Bracket Options That Match YOUR Teeth

When you get clear braces, the main part of the orthodontics that you are attempting to hide is the bracket of the braces. This is the most noticeable aspect, so it is the part that you want to blend in and make as inconspicuous as possible. These brackets come in a few different options and the one that you get will depend on how white your teeth are. You do not want bright white brackets that do not match the coloration of your teeth, talk to a cosmetic dentistry specialist in our Las Vegas office to see which option is best for you.

In general, ceramic brackets are best for individuals who have slightly off-white teeth. Maybe you drink a lot of coffee, so having brackets that match the coloration of your teeth will make them less visible. Those who have white teeth will easily be able to use clear brackets; in fact, they will be the most discrete option for brighter teeth.

Add Fun With Bands

Since clear braces use the same basic design as traditional braces, you will still need to have elastic bands attached to the brackets of the braces. Many of the best orthodontic specialists in the Nevada area have a variety of elastic band colors to select from. The main reason that you have opted to get clear braces is subtlety, so like most of the patients who visit our Las Vegas office, you will choose clear or tooth-colored bands that blend in.

Benefits of Clear Braces

The main benefit of clear braces that draw many patients is the fact that these braces are far less visible than traditional, metal ones. You have the option to make nearly every aspect of the braces clear, tooth-colored, or less metallic looking in your mouth, and let’s face it, aesthetic style means a lot to most teenagers and young adults. From a distance, these braces are barely noticeable.

The age of the patient will have an impact on the style of braces that is selected. A teenager may feel that metal braces could be a reason that the other children tease them, so having less visible options will provide them with more self-confidence while we improve their smile. An adult patient could feel that metal braces in their mouth could make them look more childish. Many professionals opt for less conspicuous braces so that they can keep their professional demeanor on the job.

Considerations Of Clear Braces

Though there are a lot of reasons to get clear braces, the dental professionals at our offices in Las Vegas, NV will always tell you the all of the important information about these types of braces. For many, the benefits of getting clear braces will outweigh the disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of the notable considerations of this type of orthodontic treatment.

  • Ceramic and clear braces are much more fragile than traditional braces, which means that the treatment plan that you need to correct your smile may need a few modifications. These changes to the treatment plan can extend the amount of time that you need to have the braces. Since they are so fragile, your dental specialist here in Las Vegas, NV will be forced to use less tensile strength to tighten the braces, which means that your teeth will shift at a slower rate of speed.
  • It is a possibility that these types of braces will be more irritating to your inner mouth. You will become accustomed to the sharpness of the braces, but at least in the beginning, your cheeks and gums may be sore.
  • Ceramic braces are hard; in fact, they are harder than the enamel on your teeth. This hard material can damage your teeth, so if your bite is going to force the braces on your lower teeth to scrape the back of your top teeth, then your dentist may choose not to put the clear braces on your lower teeth.
  • Since these braces are more fragile, they may be made slightly bigger than traditional braces to make sure that they are not too small and brittle. This means that those who have small mouths may find clear braces a bit more uncomfortable.
  • The inconspicuous look that you are going for with clear braces can be destroyed easily. Clear and white elastic band will stain easily. Foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, dark soda, curry, mustard, blueberries, tomatoes, soy sauce, beets, cranberries, and red wine should be avoided as much as possible to avoid discoloration. Luckily, the elastic bands will be changed nearly every month during the period that you need the braces, so any discoloration that they acquire will not last that long.

Get Clear Braces In Las Vegas

Find out more about clear braces at our Las Vegas orthodontist office. Call and make an appointment with Nevada dentistry & Braces today.


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