Gold Braces

Gold Braces LAs Vegas

If you’ve been wondering where to go to get affordable gold braces in Las Vegas, look no further than the offices of Nevada Dentistry & Braces. Gold braces are perfect for those who need braces but prefer the luxury look of gold.

Benefits Of Gold Dental Braces

Gold Braces Orthodontist LVIsn’t it great to have choices when it comes to your teeth? Having gold braces isn’t just about originality. There are many more benefits to choosing this stand out option.

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Easily Shaped For Faster Care
  • Aesthetically Intriguing
  • Bacteria Resistant
  • Strong Materials
  • Non-Toxic

Gold Braces Are Sophisticated

Gold braces are perfect for those who would like a subtle and delicate appearance that looks less like alignment brackets and more like dental jewelry. There’s just something classy, elegant, and timeless about gold.

Dental Alignment With A Fashion Forward Smile

Gone are the days when getting dental braces meant choosing between a mouth full of silver or the clear plastic look. There’s no need to hide your smile when you can show off a little god instead.

Strong As Stainless Steel Braces

But isn’t gold too delicate for braces? Gold braces have a gold metal plating over strong, stainless steel. The outer, softer layer is less likely to cause mouth sores than traditional wires and brackets.

Bye, Bye Bacteria

Although you still have to follow good dental hygiene habits with braces, gold can help. Another added benefit of gold braces is that bacteria has a hard time building up this material and causing you problems with infection.

Braces For People With Nickel Allergies

Do you need braces, but know you have a metal allergy? Gold plated dental braces are the ultimate option for dental patients who may be allergic to nickel. You get that extra layer of protection from the steel components of your aligners.

Custom Fit Gold Plated Braces In Las Vegas

Braces colors have come a long way from the plain silver days. Dental patients of all ages love the alluring fashion statement of aligning their teeth with gold. Look and feel confident while you have to wear braces by choosing the most coveted of all metals: gold. Call us at Nevada Dentistry & Braces to make an appointment and find out more about gold braces.

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