About Us

Experience & Compassion

At Nevada Dentistry and Braces, we have almost 20 years of combined experience in the dental field. Our on-staff dentists and orthodontists come from some of the best dental programs in the country, including USC.

Each of our specialists loves to help patients achieve their best possible smiles with care and compassion. Your oral health matters to us.

Languages We Speak

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese
  • Farsi

All The Services You Need

We work hard to ensure that all of our procedures are as technologically advanced and comfortable as possible so that our patients can have rewarding dental experience. What else sets us apart from many other dental-related practices in the Las Vegas, NV?

We offer most dental services in one practice – with three easy-to-find locations. 

Affordable Dental Care 

We understand that dental work can get expensive. So, we offer flexible payment plans and finance options. We also accept most dental insurance plans so that you can reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

At our practice, we endeavor to provide the best possible experience for our patients. We also provide a great in-office experience. We have blankets, snacks, coffee, and tea so that you can feel right at home while you wait for your appointment. 

Make Your Appointment Today

Many patients are nervous about receiving any type of dental work, whether it’s for their children or themselves. We take the time to make our procedures as stress-free as possible, but we can’t help unless you reach out to us.

Have a question? You don’t have to wait for great dental care. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation. We’re always willing to help.

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