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At Nevada Dentistry & Braces in Las Vegas, Nevada, provides complete cosmetic dentistry treatments to whiten, brighten, straiten, and perfect your smile. Get a complete smile makeover or solve nagging issues like tooth stains, gaps, chips, or misalignment problems.

Why wait to get a selfie-ready look you’ll love? Find out more about our cosmetic dentistry services.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dental Checkup Las VegasAccording to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the term “cosmetic dentistry” can range from a basic tooth stain correction to replacing missing teeth, and everything in between.  Whether we’re talking about veneers, teeth whitening, or dental implants, we’re talking about ways to improve the condition and look of your teeth.

Why People Elect For Cosmetic Dental

“I hate my smile!” “I wish I could just fix…” If this sounds like you or if you’re the one always hiding from selfies and group pictures, you should probably see a cosmetic dentist. If the look of your teeth keeps you from eating, speaking, or smiling confidently, we can help.

  • Tooth Cracks Or Chips
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Uneven Teeth
  • Stained Teeth
  • Missing Teeth
  • Gummy Smiles

Confident Smile & Improved Function

Smile Makeovers Las VegasWe can restore or replace tooth damage for long-term health benefits. Through cosmetic dentistry treatments, we can change the color, size, shape, or length of your teeth. In short, these services can improve your quality of life and resolve problems that make dental care difficult. These procedures are not simply for appearances.

We can place an inlay to keep a weak tooth from breaking or a crown to hold a cracked tooth together permanently. Our cosmetic dental services can improve your ability to speak clearly and eat normally.

Professionally Whiten Your Smile

Over the years, your smile can become stained by food, drinks, or smoking. After a complete cleaning, teeth whitening brightens your smile. Although you can purchase toothpaste and rinses that produce a slight whitening effect, professional whitening treatments will be far safer and more effective.

Even Out Your Smile With Veneers

Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain or ceramic bonded to your teeth. These are good options if you have teeth that seem too short or that vary in size due to damage.

Inlays & Onlays Fix Broken Teeth

Also known as indirect fillings, inlays and onlays are made for teeth that are too damaged for regular fillings. If you are having metal fillings replaced, a tooth-colored porcelain, ceramic, or composite inlay may be used.

Crowns Protect Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns are used when there is too much damage for inlays or onlays, but still enough healthy tooth to avoid an implant. If you have a decayed or discolored tooth, we may recommend crowns.

Braces Create A Healthier, Straighter Smile

Rainbow Braces

Braces move your teeth into a healthier, more aligned position and make it easier to care for your teeth after the treatment is complete. There are many different choices for braces, from stand-out colored bands or gold braces to less-noticeable options such as Invisalign.

Fill Gaps With Dental Implants 

Dental implants replace missing teeth. After attaching an anchor to your jaw, the dentist will place the implant, creating a natural-looking beautiful smile and making it easier for you to speak naturally and eat the foods you love.

More Comfortable Dentures 

We also design personalized dentures, another form of tooth replacement. With proper fitting and design, dentures can be both attractive and comfortable.

What Are Dental Bridges? 

Bridges are a more permanent replacement for missing teeth. We anchor your bridge to existing teeth. They look and feel just like the other teeth in your mouth.

High-Quality Cosmetic Dentistry In Las Vegas

Ready to get a smile you can be proud of? Find out if you could benefit most from a few teeth whitening sessions, or if braces or dental implants will make the biggest difference for you. Schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with us at Nevada Dentistry & Braces in Las Vegas today. 

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