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Nearly every young person gets braces, and almost everyone uses traditional braces that look exactly alike. Your kids can set themselves apart from the pack with WildSmiles Braces the only system that allows wearers to design their braces for a look that reflects their individual personalities. When you choose Las Vegas WildSmiles Braces, your child’s smile will highlight all of the great things that make him or her special.

What Are WildSmiles Braces?

If you want orthodontic treatment that looks great without compromising quality, consider WildSmiles Braces Available in six different styles, WildSmiles Braces offer your child the same effective treatment as traditional braces, but they do it with fun shapes.

The metal pads of WildSmiles Braces feature kid-friendly shapes that young patients can feel good about wearing. Instead of a basic rectangular pad, kids can have braces shaped like diamonds, flowers or stars.

Using WildSmiles won’t compromise your child’s orthodontic treatment. Like traditional braces, these are quality stainless-steel orthodontic appliances, and they feature low-profile brackets that are comfortable to wear. In fact, opting for WildSmiles Braces Henderson can improve your family’s orthodontic experience because your kids will feel great about wearing these unique decorations for their teeth.

One Of A Kind Looks

Thanks to six different styles, braces-wearers can use WildSmiles Braces  to create a one-of-a-kind look. These braces feature balls, hearts and other designs.

Forget basic, boring, run-of-the-mill rectangular braces pads. By using shaped pads–that’s the part of the appliance that is affixed directly to the teeth–WildSmiles jazz up the traditional braces experience. It’s a “design your braces” look that kids will love to show off. These are braces that kids enjoy wearing, and that makes your job as a parent easier.

Low Profile & Made In The USA

You can feel good knowing that, although the shape is different, WildSmiles are the same as traditional braces in all of the ways that really matter. They are constructed of stainless steel and are made in the U.S.A. The brackets on WildSmiles pads are low-profile for a comfortable orthodontic experience, and our staff runs the wire through the brackets the same as with other braces systems. Time and again, this “design your braces” system has been proven effective.

Fun For All Ages

Not only is getting to design your braces fun for kids, but parents will also appreciate that this system helps protect the child’s teeth. The pad on these braces is a little larger than the pad on traditional braces, so it helps keep plaque from resting on the teeth. That’s just one more way that WildSmiles help your child have the best smile!

WildSmiles Braces Vs. Color Braces

Just like traditional braces, Wildsmiles Braces are affixed to your child’s teeth. They remain in place until your braces treatment is over. Every day, WildSmiles Braces brackets will show the world what a fun person your kid is. You don’t have to worry about changing them or picking out new ones because the ones that your child has are the ones that he or she will stick with.

Color braces are different because the colored portion is not what’s attached to the teeth. Instead, the color comes from the small bands that the orthodontist slips over the brackets.

If your child chooses WildSmiles, that doesn’t automatically rule out getting to pick out color. Color braces bands that work with traditional braces can also be used for WildSmiles Braces too. For a truly one-of-a-kind look, patients can design their braces with WildSmiles pads and the color braces bands of their choice.

Design Your Smile In Las Vegas

We want you to enjoy the enjoy the teeth-straightening process with a one-of-a-kind smile. Hearts, stars, footballs, sports balls, super diamonds and flowers – which designs will you choose. Stick with one design or mix and match a few different shapes. Contact Nevada Dentistry & Braces today to explore all of your exciting options. 


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