Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a type of cosmetic dentistry that covers gaps and is one of the services offered at Nevada Dentistry & Braces in Las Vegas, NV. A fake tooth will fill the opening in your mouth. On each side of the tooth, a crown will be used to anchor the bridge in place. A bridge can be made from gold, porcelain, metal alloys, or a combination of metal and porcelain.

Benefits of A Dental Bridge

When you are missing a tooth, it affects your smile and the way that you look, but there are other issues that you might face as well. A bridge will also help you chew better. When the gap in your teeth is no longer present, your teeth will align properly, which can help you speak properly.

Types of Dental Bridges

At Nevada Dentistry and Braces, our dental specialists use three different types of dental bridges. With proper care, these bridges will last five to 15 years; in fact, it is not uncommon for a bridge to last longer than 15 years. Here are the types of bridges that are offered:

  • A traditional dental bridge is made from ceramic or porcelain that has been infused to metal. Typically, this type of bridge only connects a single gap in your mouth where one tooth is missing. A crown or an implant can be used as the anchor.
  • A cantilever bridge is designed to bridge a larger gap in your mouth. It is often used when teeth that are next to each other are missing. This type of bridge is less common in cosmetic dentistry.
  • A Maryland bonded bridge is a design where one side of the bridge is bonded to your teeth with a porcelain wing. It is not as common as the traditional bridge, but it is still an option in most of the best orthodontics offices in Nevada.

Fixed Bridge vs. Implants

If you need a bridge to hide the gap from a missing tooth, a fixed bridge will most likely be the first option that our general dentist will consider. On your first treatment visit, your dentist in Las Vegas will prepare the teeth that are located beside the gap. The crowns will attach to these teeth and become the anchor for the bridge.

Impressions will be made of your teeth so that a bridge can be custom made to fit over your teeth. Creating the bridge will take a few days, so in the meantime, you will have a temporary bridge on your teeth to keep them protected. When the bridge is ready, it will be cemented into your mouth. Once the bridge is placed, it will not be able to be removed without the help of a dentist.

When several adjacent teeth are missing, implants are used to create a bridge. Let’s say that you have three molars missing in the back of your mouth. The two end gaps will be fitted with implants that will serve as the anchors for the bridge. These typically take a visit to implant, but the treatment plan will depend on your individual needs. Once the implants are in place, the bridge is positioned over them to hide the gap in your mouth.

Caring For Your Bridge

Once you have a bridge, you need to care for it just like you would your own teeth. Brush twice a day and floss on a daily basis to keep the area under your bridge free from food particles and other debris. If you are having difficulties getting the area between your teeth and the bridge clean, ask your dentist in Las Vegas which flossers, brushes, and picks will work best for your bridge.

Dental Bridges In Las Vegas

If you are in need of a dental bridge, contact Nevada Dentistry & Braces today. We are an affordable solution to all of your dental needs. Don’t delay care – we are ready to make your appointment and give you the smile you deserve.

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