A New Look At Sensitive Teeth – Causes & Treatment

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Whether you’re drinking a hot beverage or eating a cold dessert, sensitive teeth can be frustrating to deal with. There are a large number of causes that can bring about sensitive teeth, all of which you should be aware of in the event that you experience this problem. While the presence of sensitive teeth typically only causes mild discomfort, this issue could be symptomatic of a serious dental condition. Knowing what the main causes of sensitive teeth are should give you the information you need to get the right treatment in Las Vegas.

Primary Causes of Sensitive Teeth

If you’ve recently had dental work done on one or more of your teeth, it’s possible that poor dental work has caused the tooth sensitivity that you’re going through. If the dental treatment wasn’t performed correctly, the bony tissue below your enamel that’s known as dentin may have been exposed. When dentin becomes exposed, the nerves in your teeth will more readily become stimulated, which can lead to sensitivity. Trauma to the tooth can also cause it to become sensitive. This trauma could be anything from a bicycle accident to getting hit in the face with a baseball. The problem could also be a minor one that’s temporarily brought about by eating or drinking too many acidic items. The acid found in these foods and beverages can eat away at the enamel of your teeth, which can eventually cause sensitivity. You also need to avoid brushing your teeth too hard. Doing so can lead to gum recession, which opens up the roots of your teeth to decay and erosion as well as tooth sensitivity. If the pain and sensitivity that you’re experiencing are severe, it’s possible that you could be suffering from gum disease. While gum disease causes sensitivity in the gums as opposed to the teeth, the symptoms are generally the same. Gum disease will cause your teeth to bleed at the smallest of touches.

Possible Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

There are a variety of treatments that can be used for sensitive teeth. Whether the discomfort you’re experiencing is mild or severe, it’s important that you seek treatment before the issue worsens. The treatment that’s used to tackle your sensitive teeth depends on what has caused the problem. At our treatment facilities in Las Vegas, we can provide you with a variety of treatments that can help reduce the amount of sensitivity that you’re experiencing or get rid of the problem altogether. If the root of the tooth is exposed, a bonding resin may be applied to cover up the area. In the event that the gum tissue around your tooth root has dissipated entirely, a surgical gum graft may be administered to replace the lost tissue. If all other treatments have proven to be ineffective, you might require a root canal, which is a treatment that’s centered around the core of the tooth and can eliminate most causes of tooth sensitivity. If the sensitivity in your teeth subsists for more than one week, treatment is likely necessary.

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