Root Canals

Root Canals Las Vegas

Don’t suffer toothaches needlessly when relief is just a phone call away with root canal treatment from Nevada Dentistry & Braces in Las Vegas. Who doesn’t hate a tooth pain? We can help you eat, sleep, and live your life again without that aching, throbbing tooth pain.

Tooth Infection 

Do you feel gum pain, specifically around a particular tooth? Do different temperatures in your drinks cause your teeth to throb painfully? All of these signs can point to a potential need for a root canal. The pulp of your tooth is in the center of its body when this area gets infected, it can be incredibly painful.

Typically, these infections are the direct result of a cavity that allows bacteria to reach this sensitive area of your teeth. When these bacteria attack your healthy tissue, pain occurs.

Root Canals

To repair this damage you can either remove the tooth or perform a root canal. A root canal effectively removes some of the pulp to eliminate the infection altogether.

  • First, we prepare the tooth similarly to how we deal with cavities.
  • Second, we make a small hole in the tooth so that we can reach the root area where you find the pulp tissue.
  • The third step requires removing the nerves and vessels of the pulp, which virtually eradicates the pain.
  • The fourth step requires the administration of filling material that locks the inside of the tooth away and protects it from additional bacteria.
  • The final step is rebuilding the tooth and placing a dental crown over it.

As one of the primary procedures in the general dentistry of today, root canals can typically be done to completely preclude extraction. After a root canal is complete, the freshly crowned tooth will be virtually infection-free due to the sturdy nature of dental crowns.

Paying For Your Dental Treatment

As one of the primary restorative procedures in dentistry, root canals are often covered by the majority of insurance policies. We also offer convenient payment plans and financing options so you can get help fast, even with no insurance.

Root Canals In Las Vegas

Since Nevada Dentistry & Braces provides the majority of dental and orthodontic procedures in-house, you can rest assured that we can provide you with a root canal procedure that will be comfortable and high-quality. If you have been experiencing a nagging toothache, take a second and contact us so that we can sit down for a consultation.

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