What Is A Dental Crown?

Dental Crowns

If you’ve ever had a large cavity that required a lot of filling, your dentist may have recommended that you get a dental crown. What is a dental crown? A dental crown, sometimes referred to as a dental cap, is a permanent cover that is cemented onto an existing tooth. The permanent nature of a dental crown dictates that if you have a dental crown in Las Vegas, it can only be replaced by a dentist because it is glued in place and it will take special precautions and techniques to remove and replace it.

What is a dental crown made of?

There are several different types of material used to produce a dental crown in Las Vegas. Here at Nevada Dentistry and Braces, we offer a variety of materials to suit the needs of our patients. We offer stainless steel crowns as a temporary fix. This is used most commonly on children’s baby teeth. We offer crowns made of other metals, such as gold and nickel. Metal dental crowns are often used on molars because they are durable and last longer than the other options.

One option that patients are most familiar with would be dental crowns made of porcelain and metal. This allows us to match the color of the tooth closely to natural teeth so the crown will not stand out. Porcelain crowns are probably the best choice for someone needing a crown for a damaged front tooth. When a patient is looking for a dental crown in Las Vegas, we offer additional options and materials so we can find the dental crown that is the best fit for the patient’s needs.

What is a dental crown used for?

Dental crowns are most often used to cap off a large filling when a cavity is filled. They are also used to cover implants or discolored teeth. If you have had a root canal, you may need a dental cap to protect the surface of the remaining tooth. If you are looking for a Las Vegas dental crown to protect a weak tooth, our professionals can make sure that your crown meets your needs and serves as a cosmetic match to your existing teeth.

What is a dental crown assessment?

If you think you need a dental crown in Las Vegas, you will need to arrange for a consultation with one of our professional dentists at Nevada Dentistry and Braces. Our Las Vegas dental crown professional will evaluate your need and determine what type of material will best suit your individual situation, keeping in mind cosmetic appearance, durability and the location of the dental crown.

If a determination is made that you need a dental crown in Las Vegas, we will make an impression of the tooth where the crown will be fitted. The impression allows for a crown to be created that will fit your tooth comfortably and efficiently. Once the crown has been created, it will be examined by the dentist to make sure it fits your tooth and then it will be cemented into place.

If you are looking for a Las Vegas dental crown professional, one of the members of our staff will be happy to make an appointment for you that fits in with your busy lifestyle and your schedule. Your dental crown will be designed so you won’t have to worry about the condition of your tooth for many years to come.

Our Las Vegas dental crown expertise will enable us to offer you guidance and advice in determining what type of crown will best suit your needs.

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