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Since braces are part of your physical appearance, it’s important that you have the choice to choose your own style, such as the color of your bands. However, you may have trouble picking the color you want to go with. Check out our tips below to help you choose your Las Vegas braces colors that you should take into consideration during your next trip to the orthodontist.

1. Browse a Color Wheel

The next time you’re allowed the change the colors of your braces, ask your orthodontist for a color wheel to help you come up with braces color ideas. A color wheel is an array of colors that you can choose from to outfit your braces. However, we suggest that you take the time to thoroughly pick your color, so give this plenty of thought before your next orthodontist appointment. Also, keep in mind that whichever color you choose, it will look lighter on your braces than on the color wheel.

2. Pick Colors For a Purpose

When choosing what colors your braces should be next, go for some sort of statement. For example, choose red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July. Or, red and green for Christmas. Whatever color combination you go with, choosing some sort of theme can make your self-image more appealing.

3. Choose Colors That Look Good With Your Skintone

Choose braces colors that will look good with your skin type, as well as other contributing appearances, such as your hair, makeup, eye color, etc. Matching the colors of your braces will prevent your braces from clashing with your appearance. For example, if you have darker skin, you should choose braces colors such as turquoise, orange, gold, dark blue, violet, etc. Those with lighter skin should consider blue-green, royal blue, green khaki, caramel, raspberry, etc.

4. Match the Colors with What You Wear

When thinking of braces color ideas, go with something that matches the usual clothes you wear. For example, if you wear primary color outfits, get your braces in a primary color that will go well with it. Taking the time to think ahead and plan out what colors you should get for your braces only make you look that much better.

5. Get Rid of Any Ugly Color Options

When choosing what color to go with for your braces, take out color options that are either ugly, strange, or you simply dislike. For example, black bands can make your teeth look like they have food stuck in between them. White bands can make your teeth look more yellow, which probably isn’t the look you’re going for.

6. Consider Choosing Darker Colors

Darker band colors, such as navy blue, can make your teeth look whiter and healthier overall. This is why it can be a great style choice to choose darker colors in contrast to the natural color of your teeth.

7. Let Your Orthodontist Know What Color You’re Going With

After your orthodontist finishes installing or reinstalling your braces, let them know what color band you want to go with. Don’t forget to check out your new look in the mirror. If you don’t love it immediately, you may grow to like it. If not, you can always change the color at your next orthodontist appointment.

8. Maintain Good Oral Health Habits

It doesn’t matter what your Las Vegas braces colors are if you don’t maintain your own oral health. Take care of your oral hygiene by:
– Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day
– Consider bringing a small toothbrush to school or work to brush your teeth after eating a snack or meal
– Use a floss threader to get in between your gums and teeth
– Use mouthwash once a day to kill harmful bacteria in your mouth and lower your risk of developing tooth decay while wearing braces

9. Change the Color When You Want

The good thing about having to visit the orthodontist so often is that you have more opportunity to change your braces color. If you end up choosing a color and deciding you don’t like it, you can pick a new color at the time of your next tightening. This gives you the freedom to change your mind as you choose.

10. Avoid Clear Braces

To make your braces appear as inconspicuous as possible, consider pairing your metal braces with clear rubber bands. This is often easier than choosing a customized color scheme. Plus, you can minimize the look of your braces.

By following these ten steps, you can easily choose the color for your braces. Just remember to pick colors that make you happy!

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