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Invisalign Las Vegas

Do you live in Las Vegas, NV and need braces in order to obtain the smile you have wanted your entire life? For many adults, the stigma associated with the appearance of metal braces may be enough to keep them from getting their teeth straightened. There may be concerns that metal braces would serve as a distraction or a hindrance in the workplace, or there may be serious cosmetic concerns. If you are in need of braces in Las Vegas, NV, the availability of options such as clear braces and Invisalign work well as viable alternatives to metal braces.

Invisalign Braces in Las Vegas, NV

Invisalign braces were initially marketed to the public as a way to allow self-assessment and treatment of teeth that were out of alignment. Advertisements touted this style of braces as a way to avoid dental assessment and treatment, with options for people to order them online, doing their own measurements and making the decisions regarding care and placement. Invisalign braces are basically a plastic shell that covers the teeth and discretely moves the teeth into place over time. Invisalign braces in Las Vegas NV are a viable option for individuals who do not need complex tooth realignment, when applied by a dental professional in an office setting.

When our Professional Team in Las Vegas, NV Will Consider Invisalign as an Option

Invisalign braces in Las Vegas NV should be utilized in conjunction with the management of dental staff who are skilled and experienced in the use of this type of braces. Just because there are no wires or brackets does not mean that an amateur can obtain quality and longlasting results with the use of Invisalign. Any type of braces should be carefully monitored, with a long-term plan in place to give you the optimal results in the shortest period of time. If you are interested in Invisalign-style clear braces in Las Vegas, NV, our dental staff can evaluate the suitability of this type of braces for you.

Dental professionals use Invisalign in instances where someone has a mild alignment issue. In some cases, someone who had braces years ago who did not wear their retainer as advised may have experienced some relapse, where the teeth have moved slaightly out of alignment, and for them, Invisalign is a good option. In addition to the cosmetic appearance of this type of braces, another benefit of Invisalign is that they are removable for teeth brushing and flossing. Our Las Vegas, NV dental professionals can determine whether Invisalign will help you obtain the best results, or if you may be better served by choosing another type of almost invisible braces called clear braces in Las Vegas, NV instead.

Las Vegas Clear Braces

Las Vegas clear braces are an old tried-and-true option to metal braces for patients desiring a discrete method to straighten their teeth or close a gap between their front teeth. The use of clear braces in Las Vegas, NV can achieve the same result as metal braces in most cases. Las Vegas Clear braces are more fragile than metal braces, so they are not the best option for athletes who are involved in contact sports such as football or hockey. Las Vegas clear braces may be slightly more expensive than using metal braces, but they will enable you to straighten your teeth without drawing attention to the presence of braces. Our clear braces Las Vegas, NV dental professionals will help evaluate the suitability of this type of braces for you during your visit to our offices.

Another Viable Option: Las Vegas Clear Braces

You have two options to metal braces if you are seeking a way in Las Vegas, NV to discretely straighten your teeth or correct a gap between your front teeth: Invisalign braces or clear braces. If your correction is minor in nature, Invisalign may be the option of choice for you. If you have a moderate or severe correction, our clear braces Las Vegas, NV team may recommend that you choose clear braces instead, if you want to use a nearly-invisible style of braces. The professional team at Nevada Dentistry and Braces can carefully evaluate your particular needs in order to determine which material for braces in Las Vegas, NV is your best option. We want you to have the beautiful smile you have dreamed about. Let us make your dreams come true.

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