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During your search for an 89121 dental clinic to fit your orthodontic needs, you will come across many claims. While most orthodontists do their best to improve your smile, it is important to recognize that every office is different. Here at Nevada Dentistry & Braces, we aim to set ourselves apart by transforming the process of taking care of your oral health into a convenient and comfortable experience. Along with gentle techniques and the highest level of training and education for every member of our team, you will also find that these services and options offered at our office makes us different from everyone else.

Our Las Vegas Specialists Are Highly Trained and Experienced

When you walk into our office, you get the benefit of being cared for by an orthodontics team with almost 20 years of combined experienced. Our staff is comprised of graduates from some of the most prestigious dental training programs in the nation, including UNLV and USC. You should also know that our team is constantly updating their skills through continuing education courses that teach the latest techniques for family dentistry and orthodontic services. We also have the latest technology to ensure that every treatment we perform is of the highest quality.

Receive Comprehensive Care From Your Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist

Trying to shuffle your family to multiple offices for different types of care is a hassle, and we know that seeing your 89121 dentist regularly is important for developing rapport that makes your visits more comfortable. For this reason, we have established an office that provides comprehensive care for the entire family. Whether you need a filling, a crown or are considering Invisalign, you can receive any of these services at our Las Vegas Orthodontics office.

Enjoy Financially Affordable Treatment

Our focus is on improving the oral health and confidence of our Las Vegas patients. Therefore, we are constantly developing strategies that make things like getting children dental braces possible for every family. Currently, we are offering awesome promotions such as a full set of braces for 0 percent down and 0 percent interest. We also understand that every patient does not have insurance that covers orthodontic or dental treatment. For this reason, we offer discounts for our cash-paying patients such as 30 percent off Invisalign treatment, and a full set of braces is only $2800. If you are paying out of your pocket for dental work, then you can also rest easy knowing that our Las Vegas cosmetic dentist is offering a 30 percent discount for extractions, fillings and crowns.

Feel Right At Home At Our Las Vegas Orthodontics Clinic

In our experience, we have found that many people instantly tense up when they walk into a dental clinic. We also want to make sure that dental anxiety never stops you or your loved one from getting treatment. This is why you will notice what makes us different from the moment you walk through our doors. Whether you need a warm cup of coffee to relax or prefer listening to music on your headphones to drown out the sound of the drill, our dental staff is ready to give you all of the comforts of home. We even have blankets available if you find the office chilly, or you can have a snack on the way out the door. If you have kids, you will find that they instantly relax around our pediatric dentists who are known for having a trick or two up their coat sleeves to bring out those adorable little smiles.

At Nevada Dentistry & Braces, we don’t just treat teeth. Instead, we focus on treating the whole body and mind while providing affordable services that prevent future oral health problems. Together, your family and our dental staff can form a team that transforms everything you have ever believed about dentistry into a positive experience.

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