Traditional Braces Vs. Invisalign

Braces vs Invisalign
In Las Vegas, a beautiful smile is important for both children and adults alike, and braces are one of the many tools that your 89121 dentist may recommend for helping you achieve your goal of perfectly aligned teeth. Today, Invisalign and traditional braces are two of the most popular orthodontic treatments performed at our Nevada Dentistry & Braces clinic, and they are both proven to give optimum results. However, you should be aware that both come with their own benefits and drawbacks that your orthodontist will carefully explain to you as they perform an exam to determine which one is best for your individualized treatment plan.

What Are The Benefits of Invisalign?

One of the most obvious benefits of Invisalign is that the clear plastic containers allow you to straighten your teeth with a more subtle treatment than metal braces offer. During your Las Vegas Invisalign treatment, you will wear your aligners for the majority of the day, but they can be taken out for eating, playing sports and brushing your teeth. For those with mostly aesthetic needs, Invisalign tends to work quickly when compared to traditional braces, and your orthodontist can give you a realistic virtual rendering of your future smile so that you know what you can expect when the treatment is complete. Since these aligners are essentially invisible from a distance, adults involved in the workforce and teenagers who are sensitive about their appearance tend to prefer the confidence provided from this type of braces. It is important to remember that your aligners must be worn as much as possible for you to achieve the desired results, and they do require special cleaning in addition to your normal oral hygiene. This means that these aligners are best suited for those who already can demonstrate responsibility when it comes to their oral health.

Are Metal Dental Braces Better For Children?

While older kids and teens prefer the invisible plastic aligners, their 89121 dentist may recommend using metal braces. This is because Las Vegas Invisalign trays are removable, and many children simply have not developed the self-control to remember to replace them in their mouth after eating. For some children, dental braces with metal brackets and wires are hard to clean and they could pose a risk for decay in children who already have a large amount of plaque build-up from inefficient brushing. In these cases, your child’s orthodontist may prefer for them to use Invisalign simply for hygienic purposes. It is also important to remember that metal braces may be the only option if your child has serious alignment issues that need to be corrected.

When Are Traditional Braces Better For Correcting a Smile?

When placed on children, dental braces tend to work well since the metal brackets are affixed to the teeth and work with the natural mouth movements to slowly shift teeth into place. They also work better at closing large gaps between teeth or major bite issues when compared to Invisalign. Parents tend to love that metal braces can never get lost since they are cemented onto the teeth, and kids can even add a little personality to their braces with colored bands that make treatment fun. For adults who need braces to correct complex problems, traditional metal offers a faster option, and Las Vegas orthodontics may even be able to use clear brackets or place them behind the teeth when aesthetics are a serious concern. Exploring your options for Las Vegas Orthodontics is important for your long-term happiness both during and after your treatment. When you come in for your orthodontic consultation at Nevada Dentistry & Braces, our team will carefully explain to you which type of braces will best fit your oral health needs while also fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle.

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