Encouraging Your Children To Brush Their Teeth

Kids Tooth Brushing

Teaching your children to develop proper brushing habits is one of the most important life lessons you’ll teach. Las Vegas pediatric dentists encourage patients to learn how to brush correctly from the time they develop their first tooth, and any Las Vegas children’s dentist will agree with that assessment. Your oral health has a direct impact on the overall health of your body, and finding a good pediatric dentist in Las Vegas, NV is one of the most important things you can do when your kids are small. Prevention is the key, and learning to brush properly is what helps kids grow up healthier.

Set a Good Example

Children’s dentistry in Henderson is a good start, but it’s your example that helps your kids learn the proper method of brushing their teeth. Finding great children’s dentistry in Las Vegas is going to help you teach them, but finding yourself a great dentist is also helpful. Kids learn by example, and your example is the most prominent in their lives. Let your kids learn to appropriately brush and floss by showing them how you do it twice a day.

There’s an App For That

Kids love technology, and there is nothing wrong with finding an app to help them brush their teeth. There are dozens available that help encourage kids to brush well and correctly, and there are plenty of people who agree that spending time with an app while brushing can keep kids focused. A good Las Vegas children’s dentist office is happy to provide you with a few examples of apps that help your kids brush correctly.

Find a Great Dentist

If you want your kids to have great dental hygiene habits, find them the best Las Vegas pediatric dentist available. Your kids should have a dentist they like and enjoy, one they have a good relationship with, and one who makes them feel at home and comfortable in the chair. A pediatric dentist in Las Vegas, NV should encourage you to bring your children in as soon as their first tooth comes in, and they should help you make your child comfortable in the office.

Children’s dentistry in Henderson is easy to find, but you want to find the office that makes you feel most at home. This is where your child will spend at least a few hours every year for the next 18 years, and you want them to enjoy their visits.

Offer Rewards

Kids love to do things well when they get something out of it, and that’s where a reward system comes in handy. It’s not always easy for kids to understand you need to brush your teeth for your own good health and hygiene, but they do understand gifts and rewards. One good idea is to keep a small basket of cheap goodies your kids will love. Slinkys, slime, and stickers are always fun gifts, and your kids will definitely follow the oral hygiene rules if they know there’s a little something in it for them at the end of the week.

Make it Routine

Kids thrive on routine, and one way to help them with their brushing habits is to make them routine. If you make them brush their teeth at the same time every morning and evening, you help them become accustomed to doing so. It becomes just as much a habit as clearing their plate after dinner or washing their hands after using the restroom, and you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

Kids are so much more observant and intelligent than adults like to give them credit for, and learning proper hygiene skills is just another life skill they’ll pick up on before you know it. Make it a habit, encourage it regularly, and never forget to set a great example for your kids brushing your own teeth. Add to that a pediatric dentist they love, and you won’t worry about poor oral hygiene in your home.

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