Should You Wait To Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Get Wisdom Teeth Out

Having your wisdom teeth removed has been a common practice for many years. In the past, it was recommended to have them removed before they caused any infections or other problems in the mouth. Third molars are another common name for wisdom teeth. As they grow they are frequently skewed and jammed against other teeth. Your wisdom teeth usually begin to emerge between the ages of 17 and 25. At this time in your life, your jaw structure will have reached its full growth potential.

In the past, it has been thought that it is better to have the wisdom teeth removed than to allow them to remain and cause potential suffering in the end. It is now believed that it is ok to keep some healthy wisdom teeth. If you do decide to keep your wisdom teeth, it is recommended for you to have regular checkups that consist of X-rays to ensure the safety of your mouth.

Having Positive Results from Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Though wisdom teeth may not cause problems for everyone, they often prove to be a problem for many. Some individuals have a painless wisdom tooth experience while others suffer from unbearable pain caused by the awkward growth of the teeth. Those who suffer from the growth of wisdom teeth may also have trouble with the alignment of the other teeth in their mouth. It is common for teeth to begin to crowd or cause a shift in the surrounding teeth. To keep your smile from suffering from the growth of your wisdom teeth, wisdom teeth extraction in Henderson, Nevada may be the best option for you.

Questions Are Essential 

When having a wisdom teeth extraction in Henderson, Nevada, you should feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding the procedure. Do not let fear keep you from getting the proper answers to ease any worry you may have. As your oral doctor goes over all aspects of your wisdom teeth removal, ask questions that arise whenever you are given the chance. It is very important for you to understand all of the components of your wisdom teeth extraction in Las Vegas, Nevada. Do not leave any questions unasked.

Questions to ask include:

  • Why must your wisdom teeth be removed?
  • Have the teeth shifted as a result of the growing wisdom teeth?
  • Are your teeth crowding as a result of the growth of your wisdom teeth?
  • Are problems arising that you are unaware of?

Knowing the answers to each of these questions will help you get more comfortable with the overall procedure to come.

Adhere to the Advice of Your Oral Doctor

As a result of having wisdom teeth extraction in Las Vegas, Nevada, you will need to know how to care for your mouth after the surgery has been completed. It is very important for you to take heed to the advice and adhere to the instruction given to you by your dental professional. Doing so will aid you in fast and proper healing while allowing you to have a comfortable experience during your recovery season.

Failure to listen to your oral professional could end in an infection of the mouth or other complications that cause unwanted pain. Oral doctors are highly educated in wisdom teeth removal and know what’s best for the care of your mouth. It’s what they are trained to do.

Always Take Your Prescribed Medications

During the process of recovery, you will be prescribed specific medications or antibiotics to help reduce pain and fight infections. Always take them as prescribed for a smooth recovery. You can not do this alone. You are not taking the medications only to eliminate the pain. The medications also fight against bacteria and germs that cause infection. Each medication is constructed to help you heal at a fast pace with no difficulties. Wisdom teeth extraction is not a fun procedure, and neither is having to suffer unnecessarily due to failing to take your medications properly. Oral health care should always be taken seriously and is essential for good future oral health. Call our office to schedule a consultation for wisdom teeth extraction in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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