Lingual Braces vs. Traditional Braces


You have so many options for getting straight teeth, even if you want to perfect your smile on the down low. How do specialty treatments like lingual braces compare to more traditional, visible bands-and-brackets types of tooth-straightening? At Nevada Dentistry & Braces, we’ve put together the facts, so you can go as visible or invisible as you want with your orthodontics.

Truly Invisible Tooth-Straightening

With the brackets facing the tongue, linguals are invisible and provide cosmetic orthodontic treatment without the distraction of metal. Traditional braces and braces behind teeth both involve attaching brackets and running wires through them. However, having these brackets attached to the tongue side of your mouth gives you a truly invisible look. Teens and adults especially appreciate the discrete look of this orthodontic option.

Are They As Effective As Traditional Braces?

Yes. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, both address the most common dental alignment problems.

  • Crooked & Crowded Teeth
  • Missing Or Extra Teeth
  • Jaw Problems—Clicking Or Pain
  • A Misaligned Bite—Overbites & Underbites
  • Problems Cleaning Teeth—Difficulty Brushing Or Flossing
  • Speech Issues
  • Problems With Chewing & Eating

Do They Work Faster?

No. You can expect straighter teeth in 12–36 months on average, depending on the condition of your teeth and compliance with your orthodontist’s instructions.

Are Lingual Braces More Expensive?

Yes. Linguals are shaped to each tooth’s back, requiring more time and special expertise to place, adjust, and maintain. They may also require more visits to the orthodontist’s office.

Who Is Not A Candidate For Lingual Orthodontics?

Only your orthodontist can determine if this type of tooth straightening is right for you. However, if you have a deep overbite, you have more chance of your brackets popping off and needing repair.

Will Lingual Braces Give Me A Lisp?

All dental appliances can affect your speech, but lingual braces are more likely to give you a lisp when you talk.

Are Traditional Braces Better?

Traditional metal braces are easier to clean and more readily available. You can have brackets that look gold, are fun-shaped, or that look like jewelry. You can also choose and change the color of your bands to switch up your look. Best of all, they are the most affordable. Neither is better—it just depends on your individual needs and desires.

Other Less Visible Ways To Straighten Teeth

If you’ve decided that lingual-facing brackets aren’t for you, you aren’t out of luck when it comes to hidden tooth straightening. Ceramic braces are priced similarly to metal and use ceramic or porcelain brackets, which are almost invisible. Clear aligner trays, like Invisalign, are another affordable and popular option.

Get A Beautiful Smile With Invisible Braces

Wondering if you’d do better with traditional or lingual braces? Your orthodontist can help you make the appropriate lifestyle choice that will have you showing off your straight teeth in no time. In the Las Vegas area, Nevada Dentistry & Braces are your tooth straightening experts. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.


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