6 Tips To Get Kids Excited About Oral Health

Get Kids Excited About The Dentist

We know that preventative dental care is essential, but kids can face a lot of oral health concerns. Did you know that over half of kids between six and eight get cavities in one or more baby teeth, and more than half of older kids between 12 and 19 get cavities in permanent teeth? These issues, thankfully, are preventable, and our team at Nevada Dentistry & Braces in Las Vegas is here to help. Here’s how you can start getting your child excited about oral health.

  1. Allow Kids To Pick Their Own Oral Hygiene Supplies
  2. Encourage Excitement About Visiting The Dentist
  3. Download Apps To Make Brushing & Flossing Fun
  4. Set The Timer & Turn Up The Tunes
  5. Get On Board With Family Dental Hygiene
  6. Make Orthodontic Treatment Fun

1. Let Your Kids Pick Their Own Supplies

There are so many kid-friendly and ADA-approved oral hygiene supplies available today. Kids love being able to make decisions about what they get to use—instead of picking supplies for oral health for your child, allow them to choose their own!

  • Toothbrushes
  • Flavored Mouthwash
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental Floss Or Floss Picks
  • Disposable Cups For Mouth Rinsing

2. Get Excited About Visiting The Dentist

The dentist can be intimidating to a small child. However, you can curb that intimidation and apprehension by finding the best pediatric dental care environment and showing enthusiasm about the visit. By modeling that trips to the dentist are part of self-care that we should be happy about, your child will learn to embrace the same philosophy.

3. Download Apps To Make Brushing & Flossing Fun

Did you know there are apps to help your child get excited about oral health? Find apps that:

  • Have Timed Music For Brushing
  • Teach How To Brush & Floss Through Interactive Games
  • Offer Prizes For Daily Oral Health Tasks

4. Set The Timer & Turn Up The Tunes

Does your child love a particular song? Use their joyful favorite to time their brushing every day. Simply let the child pick what they want to hear, and make the song the designated brushing timer.

5. Get On Board With Family Dental Hygiene

Children often mimic their parent’s or siblings’ behavior. Get your child more enthused about preventative dental care by making things like brushing and flossing a family affair. Set aside a time of day for everyone to take care of their smiles.

6. Make Orthodontic Treatment Fun

If you suspect your child will need braces, even this can be an exciting event instead of something to dread. Show your child kid-geared options like WildSmiles braces that boast unique bracket shapes like soccer balls and stars. Or, get them excited about getting rainbow braces, which allow the child to pick their band colors.

  • Favorite Team Colors
  • Rainbow Colors
  • Colors To Match A Favorite Outfit
  • Holiday Colors

Pediatric Dentistry You Can Trust In Las Vegas

Are you looking for complete, trustworthy dental care for the whole family? Choose Nevada Dentistry & Braces to keep your youngest family members’ teeth healthy and cavity-free. Get in touch with our team today to schedule an appointment.

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