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Taking your child to the dentist is a daunting task, to say the least. Many people put it off longer than necessary because they are worried about how their child will behave while sitting in the dentist’s chair. A trip to the dentist is important for adults and children of all ages to make sure the gums and dental hygiene is where it should be. Las Vegas Children’s Dentists are available to make the experience more enjoyable for your small children. The staff is educated and able to help make your child less afraid of the loud noises and enjoy the experience more than they otherwise would.

Here are a few ways to get your stubborn child to go to the doctor or dentist without having a meltdown.

1. Take Them At A Young Age
The earlier you take your child to visit the dentist, the better off they will be for future dentist appointments. The best time to go is when the first tooth is visible. Having a dentist that you trust and can talk to about your child’s dental health is very important as your child grows and gets more and more teeth in his or her mouth. Even if your child does not want to sit still during the appointment, they will learn about the office and be better able to handle it for future appointments.

2. Stay Positive
When discussing your upcoming appointment with your child, be sure to stay positive and only talk about the positive aspects of the dentist. Include that they want to look at their smile and make sure their teeth are healthy. Avoid discussing potential fillings or other negative things that could happen. Keeping it simple will allow your child to not have any unnecessary fears before stepping foot into the dentist’s office. Las Vegas Children’s Dentists are always positive and will help make your child feel at home.

3. Be Careful What You Say
Do not ever mention the words “pain”, “hurt”, “discomfort” or any other negative word. Your child does not need to know that going to the dentist might cause slight pain because they will have a lot of stress and resistance to going. The better you make the dentist sound, the more enjoyable your entire experience will be. Instead, use phrases such as “healthy smile” and “cleaning your teeth” to talk up the whole trip to the dentist.

4. Make Believe Visit
Since there is no way to actually practice what it will be like when you are visiting the dentist, try to have a make-believe trial run at home. You can brush your child’s teeth while they are laying on a flat surface. Be sure to practice holding his or her mouth open and shining a light above so they are familiar with the practices that will happen when they go. Reading books and watching youtube videos about kids visiting the dentist will help your child feel more prepared.

5. Know There Will Be Tears
As much as we would like to avoid a meltdown from occurring, be prepared for at least a few tears from your little one upon going to the dentist. The experience of going to the dentist can be nerve-wracking and stressful, especially for a young child who has never been before. Be prepared to help calm your child and talk them through the procedures and events that are going to take place as you are visiting the dentist’s office.

Las Vegas Children’s dentists are located all over the area and are a great place to go for your child’s initial dental appointment. If you are needing to schedule one today, call us at 702-701-7999! If you follow the suggested procedures stated above, your experience will be much more positive for you and your little one.

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