Exploring Dental Crown Options: Material, Procedure & Cost In Las Vegas

A dental assistant using an educational model to display how dental crowns work on implants.

Your smile is a significant asset. It is often the first thing people see and taking care of it with the right dental treatments impacts your oral health and boosts your overall confidence and quality of life. At Nevada Dentistry & Braces, our team is dedicated to providing detailed guidance on the best crown options for your specific needs. We ensure that you leave our office with a beautiful smile that you are proud of.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns, or “caps,” are custom-crafted restorations that cover a tooth or implant. They are typically used when a tooth is fractured, has undergone root canal treatment, discolored, decayed, or irregularly shaped. Crowns restore the tooth’s shape, size, appearance, and strength. This offers protection and stability while blending seamlessly with the natural teeth for more than 15 years in most cases.

How Are Dental Crowns Used?

Dental crowns protect vulnerable teeth from further decay, capping damaged teeth, and covering deep fillings. They are essential in completing dental implants or covering teeth treated with root canals. By restoring a tooth’s shape and size, dental crowns help prevent tooth loss, which could lead to more complex oral health issues and costly treatments. They also aid in maintaining a normal bite and keep teeth aligned, contributing significantly to oral hygiene and well-being.

Material Options For Dental Crowns

Because different people have different needs and restoring teeth is never a one-size-fits-all proposition, there are diverse crown materials for making a crown.

When To Use Porcelain & Ceramic Crowns

Porcelain and ceramic crowns are favored for their natural appearance, matching the color and translucency of real teeth. These materials are particularly suitable for front teeth restorations due to their looks. They are durable and capable of withstanding chewing, making them a long-lasting solution for restoring oral health and improving the smile’s appearance.

Why Use Metal Crowns & Their Alloys?

Metal crowns, made from gold, platinum, or base-metal alloys cobalt-chromium and nickel-chromium, are highly durable and withstand biting and chewing forces well. They seldom chip or break, offering a reliable restoration option. Due to their metallic color, they are usually used for out-of-sight molars.

Composite Resin & Zirconia Offers Flexibility

Composite resin crowns offer a balance between durability and aesthetics. They are less expensive than their porcelain counterparts but more prone to wear and discoloration over time. Zirconia crowns combine the strength of metal with the aesthetics of porcelain, providing an excellent choice for those seeking durability without compromising the natural look of their smiles. Zirconia is particularly advantageous for its biocompatibility, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions and making it suitable for patients with metal sensitivities.

Steps Involved In Getting A Dental Crown

Getting a dental crown involves a straightforward process that ensures each patient receives a well-fitting, aesthetically pleasing, and functional crown. The procedure typically spans a couple of appointments. This detailed approach ensures the crown not only restores the tooth’s functionality but also blends seamlessly with the rest of the teeth for a natural look.

  • Assessment: Initially, the dentist assesses the tooth and decides if a crown is necessary.
  • Preparation: The tooth is prepared by reshaping it to make space for the crown.
  • Impressions: A mold of the tooth is taken and sent to a dental lab where the custom crown is crafted.
  • Temporary Crown: In the interim, the patient is given a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth.
  • Permanent Crown: Once the permanent crown is ready, the temporary one is removed, and the new crown is adjusted for a perfect fit and color match.

Same-Day Dental Crowns: Process & Advantages

For those who want a more immediate solution, same-day dental crowns offer a convenient and efficient alternative without compromising quality. Utilizing advanced CAD/CAM technology, the same-day crown process includes tooth preparation, digital impressions, and crown crafting within a single appointment.

This eliminates the need for temporary crowns and multiple visits. The primary advantage of same-day crowns is the time savings, allowing patients to leave with a fully restored smile in hours. Additionally, the digital design process enhances the accuracy of the crown fit and appearance, ensuring a satisfactory outcome. Same-day crowns represent a significant advancement in dental restoration technology, providing an appealing option for busy people or those seeking immediate results.

What Is Included In The Cost Of A Crown

The cost of dental crowns in Las Vegas can be influenced by several factors, making it important for patients to understand what contributes to the overall expense. The material of the crown (e.g., porcelain, metal, composite resin) plays a significant role in determining the cost, with some materials being more expensive due to their aesthetic qualities and durability.

Additionally, the complexity of the patient’s dental situation, such as the need for additional procedures like root canals, and the dental practice’s location and reputation can also affect pricing. Patients must discuss these factors with their dentist to understand the cost implications and to ensure that the chosen crown type aligns with their budget and expectations.

Insurance & Financing Options For Dental Crowns

Navigating the cost of dental crowns is manageable with a thorough understanding of insurance coverage and available financing options. Most dental insurance policies partially cover the cost of crowns, especially if the procedure is deemed medically necessary. Patients are encouraged to closely review their insurance benefits or consult with their insurance provider to determine the extent of coverage.

Many dental practices, including those in Las Vegas, offer various financing plans for costs not covered by insurance. These plans can spread the expense over several months, making the treatment more affordable. Open communication with the dental office is key to uncovering all potential payment solutions, ensuring you receive dental care without financial strain.

Caring For Your Dental Crowns

Maintaining the longevity and durability of crowns involves a combination of professional dental practices and home care routines. Firstly, practicing good oral hygiene is paramount. This includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing daily to prevent gum disease and decay around the crown.

Additionally, avoiding hard foods and items that can chip or damage the crown, such as ice, hard candies, and popcorn kernels, is important. If you grind your teeth at night, wearing a night guard can protect crowns and natural teeth from excessive wear. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings every six months enable your dentist to monitor the health and integrity of your crowns and address any issues early on.

Signs You May Need To Replace Your Crown

Dental crowns are designed to last many years, but they may eventually need to be replaced. Recognizing the signs that indicate a crown replacement is necessary can help you maintain oral health and prevent further complications.

  • Pain or discomfort around the crowned tooth could signal decay under the crown or that the crown no longer fits properly.
  • Visible chips or cracks in the crown compromise its integrity and can lead to decay or infection.
  • Receding gum line around the crown may expose the tooth root or the crown’s margin, posing a risk for decay and diminishing the crown’s effectiveness.
  • Changes in your bite or discomfort when chewing could indicate that the crown has been damaged or worn down.
  • Aesthetic concerns, such as noticeable wear or discoloration of the crown, may necessitate a replacement for cosmetic reasons.

Should you experience any of these signs, it is crucial to consult with your dentist. They can assess the condition of your crown and recommend the best course of action. Regular dental visits allow for early detection and management of issues related to dental crowns.

Our Dental Office Will Help You Get A Smile You Love

In Las Vegas, Nevada Dentistry & Braces offers a comprehensive range of dental crown options to meet your diverse needs and preferences. By understanding the different materials and their applications, you can make informed decisions about your dental health with your dentist, ensuring the best possible outcome for your oral health and confidence. Choosing the right dental crown is a decision that significantly affects the health and functionality of your teeth and the appearance of your smile. Remember, your smile is a significant asset, and taking care of it with the right dental treatments impacts your oral health and boosts your confidence and quality of life.

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