How To Fix An Underbite

Underbite Dentist Las Vegas

Fix an underbite in Las Vegas at Nevada Dentistry & Braces. If this common dental concern is causing you or your child problems, our family dentist office can help with professional orthodontic treatments.

Underbite Vs. Overbite

It’s easy to confuse an underbite with the more well-known overbite, but they are two distinctly different issues. An overbite is when the top teeth overlap the bottom jaw more than they should. An underbite is when the lower jaw protrudes beyond the upper teeth causing the bottom teeth to sit farther forward when your mouth is closed.

Unlike the overbite, which affects approximately 70% of people, underbites only affect about 5-10% of people. So, it’s a far less common dental condition.

What Causes An Underbite?

In most cases, an underbite problem is caused by genetics. This means that there is usually no external cause, and there is not anything that could have been done to prevent it. Most individuals that have underbites were born with them. It likely runs in the family.

There are many modern orthodontic care options for underbite correction. You and your family do not have to suffer from the often-uncomfortable problems associated with underbites.

Why Fix An Underbite?

Unlike overbites, even mild underbites nearly always require some kind of corrective treatment. They don’t just reverse on their own. Professional treatment is required. Related issues range from mildly annoying to serious.

  • Pain from the misaligned jaw, headaches, and earaches.
  • Misaligned teeth leading to tooth decay and breakage.
  • Gum disease and infections from tooth decay.
  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing due to the position of the jaw.
  • Difficulty with speech including lisps and slurring of words.
  • Difficulty breathing while asleep, including snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Altered face shape from the jaw protrusion giving the chin a larger appearance.
  • Low self-esteem from chronic pain, difficulties with eating, speech problems, and altered face shape.

Affordable Care For The Whole Family

Even if you are ready to fix an underbite, we understand that expensive dental and orthodontic work can be challenging for families. We are happy to offer financing options with low monthly payments, some of which include $0 down with 0% financing.

As a true family dentist, we specialize in adults, children, and teens. We can work with your entire family and provide not only orthodontic care but, general and cosmetic dentistry services as well. We provide all of your dental care needs in one convenient location.

Start Loving Your Smile Today

A great smile and firm handshake can take you far in life. Don’t miss out on what life has to offer because you are self-conscious about your teeth. If you’re ready to love your smile, contact us at Nevada Dentistry & Braces to fix your underbite today. Our professional and caring staff is here to take care of all of your family’s dental needs in Las Vegas.

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