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At Nevada Dentistry and Braces, we provide some of the best orthodontic treatments in the Las Vegas, NV area. The orthodontic appliances that we utilize to help improve our patients’ smiles can vary greatly. Each appliance can be constructed of ceramics, plastic, or traditional metal; some options such as Invisalign can actually be removable. Despite this, the majority of orthodontic devices are bonded to the teeth.

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the field of straightening the teeth so that an individual can more easily bite, speak, and chew. Orthodontists specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of structural issues in the face and in the teeth.

We all want straight teeth. With them, you can smile brighter, eat without pain or tooth damage, and even speak clearer. The best orthodontics can significantly improve your life and make your day-to-day much easier.

There’s another aspect of having straight teeth that’s a major benefit: you simply feel much more confident. Our appearance is intrinsically linked to our self-esteem. When we have a pleasant smile, our self-esteem, our self-image, and self-confidence are greatly enhanced. These are important at all ages, but the development of these traits is also very important when we are growing up.

Additionally, straight teeth also help to bring your face into better proportion; those with straighter teeth have a more pleasing jaw line and much more attractive smiles. As a result of this, a more symmetrical and aligned tooth structure can easily lead to a more successful career and more growth in social situations. Therefore, having early and preventative orthodontic treatments can provide a better attitude and a happier outlook on life.

With this in mind, we all need the best orthodontics experience possible. In addition to its life-improving effects, having your teeth aligned and straightened can also help you ward off the effects of tooth decay, injury, and gum disease.

This is because straighter teeth collect less plaque which is the cause of gum disease and tooth decay. Plaque is typically a thin film which coats the teeth and causes damage to the enamel. It is usually composed of a few different substances and microorganisms, but all plaque can be devastating to your dental profile. Also, when your teeth are straighter, you don’t miss sections of your mouth when you brush, which will cause a marked decrease in plaque collection.

As mentioned, straighter teeth are also less prone to injury through fracture. When you have protruding teeth, they are more prone to damage from incoming objects. On the other hand, when your teeth are symmetrical, there is a better support structure for them not to fracture.

Average Duration of Orthodontic Treatments

The duration of traditional orthodontic treatment can vary, but typically, you can expect to be engaged in teeth straightening orthodontics from one to three years. This will be greatly dependent on the growth of the teeth in the patient’s mouth, the growth of the face, and the severity of the dental problem.

Children and adult patients have different rates of tooth movement. As a result of this, the time needed for orthodontic treatments is going to vary on a case by case basis.

Additionally, the original estimate for the end of orthodontic treatment can change based on a variety of factors. In addition to this, it will also be up to the patient to apply diligent use of the treatment materials prescribed by the orthodontist. This can include the usage of retainers, headgear, rubber bands, or dental inserts. Most patients find orthodontics regimens are easy to keep up with for the most part.

Why Our Office is Great for an Orthodontic Treatment Plan

Because we have great general dentists as well as some of the best orthodontics in the Las Vegas area, maintaining your smile will be easier. It’s recommended that anyone who is undergoing an orthodontic treatment plan to also see their general dentist for cleanings and checkups every six months or so. Since we have both dental practitioners in our practice, it’s much easier for our patients to have their best smile.

Early Treatment

Also called interceptive treatment, early treatment that is more preventative rather than restorative can take as little as six months. At Nevada Dentistry and Braces in Las Vegas, NV, we seek out the most efficient paths to your perfect smile, and sometimes we can use early treatment as the best orthodontic strategy.

What’s the Prime Age for Orthodontics?

Effectively, there is no “prime” age for orthodontic treatments, but they are easier to treat and correct at earlier ages. This is because jaw growth tends to slow around age seven when the first permanent molars and incisors have started to come in. If caught at an early stage, most orthodontic patients can avoid extensive surgery and complications.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

While it’s great for a child to receive early orthodontic treatment, adults can also greatly benefit from it as well. As a matter of fact, more than 20 percent of new orthodontic cases in the United States are adults. Additionally, there are adult-friendly treatments that can ensure a quick turnaround without much in the way of professional inconvenience.

Traditional Braces

While there are stigmas about braces, especially in our younger patients, this is still a great time to have them. Braces are smaller, can come in a wide variety of nearly invisible materials, and can even be placed behind the teeth. Even the wires that hold the braces are less noticeable than in years past. Patients can even add a bit of personality to their braces by using colored bands for their brackets.


Invisalign is a relatively new treatment that has been gaining a lot of popularity, especially among professionals and teenagers. The chief benefit of this orthodontic treatment is that the plastic inserts are molded to your teeth so that they can straighten over time. Additionally, the inserts are also almost completely invisible due to their transparency. This means that you can have them in and no one would know that you are receiving orthodontic treatment. The final chief benefit of these is their ability to be quickly removed when you want to eat.

Clear Braces

For those who want to have a smaller orthodontic profile, clear braces are an excellent option. Clear braces are very similar to metal braces, however not only their color is similar to your teeth but also they may have clear brackets. That’s why clear braces are less noticeable than the traditional braces.