Dental Hygiene For Kids With Braces

Kids Braces Care

Your child may be prone to dental problems, either through genetics, bad habits, or environmental factors. When you observe a problem, the best thing you can do is take your son or daughter to Las Vegas children orthodontics specialist for a consultation. Only an experienced dental professional can determine the best methods for correcting problems, such as missing or broken teeth, misaligned teeth, crooked or gapped teeth, or jaw developmental issues.

Las Vegas Children Orthodontics Require Meticulous Dental Hygiene

If you’re going to spend the time and money to correct your child’s teeth, it’s also important to help your child develop good dental hygiene practices. In addition to helping to ensure they will always have good oral care habits, this will help avoid complications during the treatment process.

When you utilize children’s braces to correct malocclusions, you should be aware that tooth decay is still possible. Poor oral care practices can cause tooth enamel to wear down or can cause gum disease and bone decay to worsen the child’s dental condition. These problems can also lead to tooth decay, which will affect how the braces alter the patient’s teeth.

You can watch for early signs of tooth decay in your child by examining his or her teeth regularly. The bacteria that we expose our teeth to through eating foods will attack the teeth if it’s not eliminated through proper dental hygiene practices. As this process develops, white spots will likely appear on the teeth, which is indicative of demineralization.

Acid will continue to attack the teeth, punching holes in the enamel and degrading the dentin underneath. At this point, the cavity begins to form. This is when your child will begin to experience the symptoms of tooth decay. He or she may complain of persistent toothaches, chewing difficulties, or sensitivity to extreme temperatures. There may also be sensitivity to sweet or sugary foods. These symptoms can sometimes be attributed to the effects of wearing braces, but any complaint should prompt you to bring your child in for an examination as soon as possible.

Oral Care and Wearing Las Vegas Children Braces

Further problems can be avoided with proper dental care, but you and your child should both be aware that caring for the teeth is different when wearing braces. While the same rules for brushing and flossing apply, how you perform these activities will determine how effective you can be in combating the effects of bacteria in the mouth.

  • Your Child’s Brushing Habits – Our orthodontists will likely tell you that your child should be brushing more often. While wearing braces, it’s important to rinse the mouth three to four times daily with water, because this will help to loosen food particles that may be stuck in the braces and teeth. Following each rinse, your child should also brush to eliminate the threat of bacteria and prevent the spread of decay. At bedtime, your child should follow brushing with a quality fluoride rinse.
  • Flossing with Braces – Your child should floss at least once per day and may need your help with this part of their oral care. You may also want to ask the caregivers at your children’s orthodontics office for instructions on the best method for flossing with braces. By helping your child floss, you can help remove foreign particles and plaque that accumulates close to the gum line. When flossing isn’t done properly, those particles can cause the build-up of tartar.
  • Regular Cleanings are Still Important – Teeth cleanings every six months should be considered as important as daily brushings and flossing. A dentist can examine the teeth, even while the child is wearing braces. This will help identify areas that the child isn’t reaching well enough before it causes tooth decay to develop. You may also be able to obtain tools that can make oral care better with braces.

Las Vegas children orthodontics professionals provide a variety of options in correcting dental problems, which may worsen without proper treatment. To learn more about your child’s condition and discover if braces are right for your child, contact Nevada Dentistry & Braces at 702-701-7999. Consulting a Las Vegas NV top-rated dentist can help you give your child a brighter, straighter, and healthier smile.

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