How To Save Money On Your Next Dental Visit

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For many people who need dental treatment, they would rather go without much-needed dental attention than deal with the prospect of shelling out thousands of dollars for a dental intervention that could save their smile.

For the people who want treatment from a dentist in Las Vegas, they might think about getting dental insurance for themselves and their family. However, dental insurance only covers a few procedures. Plus, it can take up to a year for the benefits to fully kick into gear. This blog post will instruct you to save a considerable amount of money the next time you go to a Las Vegas dentist. The post will also talk about ways that you can save money when you get procedures done in our office.

Stop Shopping around! Call Nevada Dentistry and Braces

You shop around for the best deals when it comes to clothing, furniture, and even your house. You can’t you do the same when it comes to finding a dentist in Las Vegas? Nevada Dentistry and Orthodontics provides braces and Invisalign services for as little as $83 a month. Now you can have a beautiful smile at a price that won’t shatter your savings. You no longer have to believe that you can’t afford a beautiful smile ever again.

When You Find A Dentist In Las Vegas, Don’t Forget to Read The Fine Print

As stated before, dentists do not create all pricing for dental services in equally. For example, when you get dental treatment, some dentists might throw on finance fees. So your braces might not cost what you think they do. Read the fine print before you sit in the dentist’s chair.

Our Promotions

We’re offering zero down and zero percent interest on a full set of braces. That means if you or your child gets orthodontist treatment from our office, you won’t get hit with any extra costs or finance fees.

Our office will give every patient who pays in cash 30 percent off of crowns, extractions, and fillings. These procedures eat up a sizable portion of a lot of people’s budget, so this is an excellent opportunity to save money on much-needed treatments.

If you’re ready to see a Nevada dentist about your dental needs, call 702-701-7999 for a consultation. A member of our staff will talk to you about the many ways we can help you save money on dental treatments.

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