A Guide To Fun Colored Braces

Colored Braces Las Vegas

Traditional braces don’t need to be boring. The best part about getting braces is choosing the colors for your braces. There are tons of colors to choose from, whether you want something that will help you stand out or you’d prefer a more neutral color that will go with anything. Don’t forget: at Nevada Dentistry and Braces, we provide colored band choice at no cost to our Las Vegas patients.

Fun Ideas For Braces Colors

When it comes to picking colors, the part of your braces that you’re choosing are the elastic ligatures which keep the wires attached to the brackets.

You can get as creative as you want when choosing your braces colors. Some patients like to stick with one color while others pick one color for the top teeth and another color for the bottom teeth. You may even want a pattern of colors.

Popular colors include:

  • Flag Colors
  • School Colors
  • Themes like firemen (yellow and red), camouflage (hunter green, tan, and black), and Spiderman (red, black, and blue)
  • Festive colors like red and green for Christmas, pink and blue for Easter, and glow-in-the-dark for Halloween
  • Sports Team Colors
  • Eye Or Hair Color
  • Colors that match your favorite shoes or accessories

If you want to match your skin tone and facial features, we offer a wide selection of colors to help. Light features usually pair well with colors like light and dark blue, green, white, yellow, brown, pink, and orange. Darker skin and hair tones usually look best with colors like green, purple, teal, gold, blue, silver, pink, and light blue.

Want to choose braces colors that match your eyes? Green eyes are complemented by gray, green, red, orange, and purple. For blue eyes, try lilac, pink, blue, yellow, and gold. Green and brown braces both complement brown eyes.

Darker colors are a good choice for making your teeth look whiter and brighter. Shades like dark green, blue, and purple help bring out the whiteness of your teeth for a more cheerful and healthy smile.

Colors To Avoid

Your Las Vegas orthodontist can offer advice for colors you may want to avoid. In general, black should be avoided as it can look like food or rotten teeth. Brown and green can also look like food. While white may seem like a great neutral color, it can make your teeth look more yellow by comparison and the white elastic will stain easily. Yellow elastics in your braces can intensify the effect if your tooth enamel is already yellowish. Clear colors, on the other hand, tend to stain over time.

If you have trouble deciding on a color for your braces or you get bored with your look, you can always choose new colors at your appointments with your Las Vegas orthodontist every 4-6 weeks. If you don’t have an orthodontist in Las Vegas yet, contact Nevada Dentistry and Braces to schedule your first visit. We love helping patients express themselves and have fun with their braces! We strive to make your orthodontist visits as pleasant as possible with plenty of fun colors to choose from.

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