Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Check-Ups

Dental Checkup FAQ

Your oral health is important regardless of your age. Many people only visit a dentist when they are suffering from a dental condition. Good oral hygiene and regular dental examinations are important for preventing dental disease. Here are some of the frequently asked questions on why you need to find a dentist in Las Vegas NV for regular dental checkups.

Why Are Dental Checkups Important?

Regular dental checkups are necessary because they allow you to spot dental conditions early when treatment is cheaper and affordable. They also prevent a minor condition from becoming serious. Furthermore, some dental conditions do not exhibit any symptoms until later hence the need to see a dentist regularly.

What Are Some Signs That You Need To Visit a Dentist?

The need to see a dentist will vary depending on your oral health. Generally, it is recommended that people visit a dentist twice a year. However, the frequency of your dentist appointments depends on one’s condition. Some of the signs that you need to see a dentist more often are:

  • If you are sensitive to cold or hot foods
  • If you have puffy or bleeding gums
  • If you have crowns, fillings, dentures, or dental implants
  • If you have bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth
  • If you have difficulty swallowing or chewing foods
  • If your neck, face, or mouth is swollen
  • If you have a family history of tooth decay or gum disease
  • If you smoke or use tobacco
  • If you have medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV, or eating disorders
  • If you are under medical treatment such as hormone replacement therapy, chemotherapy, or radiation

What Should You Expect During a Routine Visit To Your Dentist?

Your dentist will take you through the following procedures during a routine dental check-up:

  • Evaluate your oral hygiene and overall health
  • Evaluate your risk of root decay, tooth decay, and bone or gum disease
  • Check your jaw and bite for problems
  • Evaluate your need to get tooth replacement or restoration
  • Remove deposits or stains on your teeth
  • Determine whether you need fluoride
  • Demonstrate appropriate cleaning techniques for your dentures or teeth

What Diagnostic Tests Can You Expect During a Routine Visit To Your Dentist?

Some of the diagnostic tests to expect during a routine visit to your dentist are x-rays, oral cancer test, and a dental impression.

Dental X-ray

A dental x-ray is performed so that your dentist can see images of your mouth. The different types of x-rays include:

  • Bitewing: In this x-ray, the dentist is able to examine the crowns of your upper and lower teeth.
  • Periapical: In this x-ray, the dentist is able to examine your teeth and jaw bone.
  • Panoramic: In this x-ray, the dentist is able to examine your whole mouth
  • Occlusal: In this x-ray, the dentist is able to determine whether you have an under or over-bite.
  • Cone beam computerized tomography: In this x-ray, your dentist has a 3-D view of your mouth to enable them to gauge the spacing of your teeth and the adjacent structures.

Oral Cancer Exam

Your dentist might perform an oral cancer exam during a routine check-up. In this test, your dentist will feel under your jaw, the inside of your cheeks and lips, and the sides of your neck. Your dentist will also examine the floor and roof of your mouth, and the sides of your tongue.

Dental Impression

In some cases, your dentist may recommend that you get a dental impression of your jaws to get a replica of your oral tissue and teeth. This is helpful for evaluating your bite and for making bleaching trays or a mouth-guard.

Visiting a dentist on a regular basis is important to maintain your oral health. The first step towards observing dental health is to find a dentist in Las Vegas NV. While the recommended times for dental visit is two times a year, some high-risk groups may need to see a dentist more often. It is also important to know what a dentist check-up entails so you are not surprised by some of the tests that you are likely to encounter.

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