8 Holiday Dental Emergencies And What To Do


Holidays are a time when we gather with family and travel to see relatives, and we all eat together. Sometimes, all the eating, especially when there are nuts and hard candies involved, can lead to dental emergencies. Knowing what dental emergencies to expect and how to take care of yourself is important.

  1. Cheek Swelling
  2. Toothache
  3. Chipped Tooth
  4. Permanent Tooth Becomes Loose
  5. Lost a Permanent Tooth
  6. Filling Gone Missing
  7. Dental Crown Missing
  8. Stuck Object Between Teeth

1. You Have A Swollen Cheek

A swollen cheek could be a sign that you have an infected tooth. Getting treated as soon as possible is the best way to prevent an infection from spreading.

2. Your Tooth Hurts

A toothache can happen because of an infection or because of a simple cavity. To control the pain, rinse your mouth with room-temperature salt water, then brush and floss. Apply an ice pack on your face over the part where the aching tooth is located, then call your dentist.

3. You’ve Chipped A Tooth

If a part of your tooth breaks off, save the broken part. Rinse it with warm water. You can take an over-the-counter pain medication and apply gauze to reduce bleeding. Call your dentist to explain the situation and make an appointment.

4. A Permanent Tooth Becomes Loose

Avoid eating any hard foods that could loosen the tooth further. A cold compress applied to your cheek, along with over-the-counter pain medication, can help manage the pain. Call your dentist.

5. You’ve Lost A Permanent Tooth

If you lose a permanent tooth, rinse it in milk, sterile saline solution, or saliva. Hold it by the crown, not the root. Stick it back in your mouth, into the hole that it came out of. If you’re unable to do that, put it in saline solution or hold it in your cheek for the time being.

Go to your dentist as soon as possible. A fast turnaround could save your tooth.

6. You’ve Lost A Filling, Now What?

If you lose a filling, save the pieces of the filling. You can protect any sharp edges on your tooth by biting down on gauze. Call the dentist.

7. You Lost Dental Crown

If your dental crown comes off, save the crown and rinse it. Call your dentist as soon as possible to make an appointment to reattach the crown. Your crown may be protecting a tooth that was previously weakened by a root canal, so it’s important to avoid biting down on hard foods until you can see the dentist.

8. Something Is Stuck Between Your Teeth

Try to remove an object that’s stuck between teeth with floss. Do not try to remove the object with a sharp instrument. Call your dentist ASAP if you can’t get it loose, have problems breathing, or are worried about tooth damage or choking.

Avoid a Dental Emergency With Preventative Care

Take preventative dental care from a trusted provider this holiday season to avoid dental emergencies. Make an appointment for a cleaning and examination in Las Vegas before your first, holiday event.

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