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What’s the first thing you do when you move to a new home? If that city is Boulder City, NV, chances are you checked out the sites and attractions that make this location unique--access to Hoover Dam, Hemenway Park, the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Perhaps you even spotted your new home from the air by taking an air, helicopter or balloon tour. 

When you come down to earth, it’s time to make decisions that enrich your life--like choosing schools, finding shopping hubs and lining up new doctors. Next to finding the ideal doctor, choosing a dentist that suits your family’s needs is as important, whether you just moved to Boulder City, NV, you’re thinking of moving here or your teeth are so healthy, you haven’t needed a dentist in Boulder City, NV until now. 

Not to worry. We’ve got you covered with suggestions that take the hard work out of choosing a dental practice in Boulder City, NV. Some of these ideas are common sense tips. Other might not have dawned on you, so take all three of them into consideration before you decide. 

  1. Ask your former dentist to refer you to a Boulder City, NV practice; after all, he or she may have gone to dental school with someone who's a great fit for your family.
  2. Check with family members and friends in the area to see who they recommend. It’s good to ask why they recommend a particular dentist so you’re on the same page before you write your short list.
  3. Call any of the professional dental organizations currently recognized in Nevada or use your favorite search engine to help you locate likely candidates in your specific geographic area. 

Establish criteria to make an informed decision

  • Is proximity to your home, office or your kids’ schools non-negotiable because you’re in a perpetual time crunch?
  • Do you need evening or weekend appointments because your job and schedule leaves little time during the week?
  • Are you seeking a dentist who specifically takes your dental insurance plan because you rely upon your coverage to manage your budget? At https://nvdentalbraces.com, we know this question is of the utmost importance to patients, which is why we take most dental plans.
  • Do you want a dental practice that handles myriad types of services—perhaps everything from orthodontics and periodontics to general and pediatric dentistry?
  • Have you had pain management issues in the past that has left you overly fearful of dental pain?
  • Can you obtain free estimates on services, or can you expect to pay a fee for a treatment consult?

You’ve asked the questions—now what?

For a variety of reasons, many people are hesitant to visit dental practices to “get the lay of the land,” but it’s a perfectly natural request to make. When you shopped for cars, you didn’t visit just one showroom, did you?  By calling to query office staff and surfing the net, you’ve likely eliminated dentists for any number of reasons. What’s left is your short list; candidates for a short visit that allows you to make a final choice. To book an exploratory meeting, call first. Explain your reason for calling— “I’m seeking to find a dentist in Boulder City, NV and would like to visit your office because I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far.” 

You’ll get a good feel for each practice during your visit and there’s a good chance one will stand head and shoulders above the rest because it’s got the perfect mix of location, specialties, insurance coverage and friendly staff willing to answer more of your questions, should they arise. 

And if you happen to feel extremely comfortable the moment you meet our staff at https://nvdentalbraces.com, you’ve found a relationship sure to stand the tests of time and teeth!