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Whether you’ve lived in Spring Valley or close to 89117 zip code,  as long as it’s existed (that’s 1981) or you’re so new, you’re still trying to figure out the best dentist,  supermarkets that has the best produce, you’ve probably already realized that our vibrant, young community is an awesome place to raise kids. 

And next to figuring out where they’ll attend school and how close your house is to the nearest mall so your teens don’t pout, you and your family are going to need to find a dentist in Spring Valley, NV. Particularly if braces are the next step on your family’s dental care journey.

It’s not hard to select a dentist if you settle in a small town. But the bounty of resources available to families in the Las Vegas vicinity can be daunting. Relax. We’re delighted to help you separate the wheat from the chaff so the dental practice you select fits you like a beautifully-crafted crown.

Finding a dentist in Spring Valley, NV is like making a true friend

Asking friends and neighbors for recommendations for a Spring Valley, NV 89117 dentist isn’t a bad idea, but if you check out their home décor and compare it to yours, there’s a chance you may not be on the same page. What works for them won’t necessarily be the best fit for you. 

Besides, you want a relationship with a Spring Valley, NV dental professional that stands the test of time because it’s a hassle to keep explaining your dental history to new practitioners, leaving a trail of x-rays in your wake and getting used to new staffers.

Can you visit a couple of dentists in Spring Valley to get a feel for how they work with patients? Of course, you can. But for some reason, patients don’t feel comfortable “auditioning” new providers, which is why many families wind up dental office hopping. You don’t need permission to check out a few dentists so you see how you feel about an office’s ambience, staff and pricing. 

How important is location and scheduling?
Very. Especially if your kitchen is home to a giant white board that’s the only thing that separates your family members’ schedules from chaos!

Are you willing to drive outside your neighborhood to find the “right” practitioner? Or must you narrow down your choices to those in close proximity because jobs, car pool, dance lessons, soccer and volunteer work already consume too much of your family’s time? Picking a practice that works with your lifestyle parameters and demands will save you lots of stress—and who couldn’t use a little less?

Speaking of stress, think back to the hours you may have spent in waiting rooms because your dentist scheduled back-to-back patients with little wiggle room--or because billable hours come before patient comfort and respect for time. Toothaches don’t ask, “Is it okay to start hurting now?” You need someone whose office philosophy is “If you’re in pain, we’re open.” That’s our mantra at nvdentalbraces.com.

What did you like and dislike about your last dentist?
This question is a great foundation on which to base your selection of a new dentist for yourself and your family. Take a moment to make a list or use our list to create a framework when you interview dentists:

1. Did your dentist make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable when it came to chairside manner?
2. Did you quickly warm up to him or her because your interaction felt comfortable, easy and reassuring?
3. Did your dentist talk “over your head,” failing to explain a procedure, treatment or surgery?
4. Did you always have the feeling that your dentist was up to date when it came to industry advances?
5. Did he or she respect your requests to deliver up-front estimates for work so you didn’t have to worry?
6. Did your dentist respond to your complaints or ignore them? 

Feel free to add to this list and you’ll feel confident that “you’re in charge” of your own dental health from the moment you figure out which practitioner is right for your family until the moment you settle into your first appointment! At nvdentalbraces.com, you’ll always get the best seat in the house!